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Scotia Biologics Ltd. was established in 2012 by Drs Gillian Broadbent and Keith Charlton.  As former co-founders of Haptogen Ltd., one of Scotland’s most successful Biotech spin-outs,  their extensive experience and background in phage display and antibody / protein engineering has enabled Scotia Biologics to successfully complete numerous projects with both commercial and academic clients around the world.  Scotia Biologics develops recombinant proteins and antibodies by integrating a number of core technologies including bioinformatics, molecular biology, protein expression and purification, cloning, microbiology, cell biology and immuno-technology to deliver tailored research and diagnostic reagents to the biomedical research community.


To provide the highest quality of service and to build strong partnerships, focusing on development of cutting-edge technologies in expression, production, and manufacturing of recombinant proteins and antibodies.


Our team of scientists have extensive experience and wide-ranging expertise in protein production, purification and validation.  Upon enquiry, a project manager will be assigned to you to discuss in detail exactly what technical and performance specifications you require of your final protein product. 


Using the information provided through consultation with our project manager, we will develop a project plan carefully designed to maximise the likelihood of a successful outcome.  This plan will be continually reviewed and refined as the project progresses.


Throughout the project, customers receive regular reports outlining progress, highlighting any important milestones or technical issues.  Complex projects such as custom monoclonal antibody development, are designed in phases to incorporate flexibility and maximise customer options.


Deliverables can be as simple as crude polyclonal antibody (sera), or include purified protein, genetic information (antibody V-gene sequences), plasmids/bacterial glycerols, cell lines, or even detailed protein characterisation (ELISA, WB, functional assays, BIAcore analysis etc.).  All deliverables are the sole property of the customer, and there are no royalties or retained ownership. 

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